Department of Anesthesiology

4th Year Medical Students

Course Syllabus

Suggested Readings

  • Articles
  • Intro to Anesthesia

Required Course Materials (obtained from Course Coordinator)

  • Basics of Anesthesia, 6th Edition (must be returned upon course completion)
  • Difficult Airway Course of Anesthesia (must be returned upon course completion)
  • Curriculum Cards (print your own or obtain from Course Coordinator)
  • Pager (must be returned upon course completion)
  • Binder (contents listed below; you may print your own or obtain from Course Coordinator)

Binder Contents

  • Anesthesiology Externship Book & Pager Loan Agreement
  • Welcome handout
  • Clinic Experience Log
  • Anesthesia Care Plan
  • Life Practice Competency Assessments (Dr. Michael Richardson)
  • Intubation Meds Cheat Sheet
  • Essential Airway Skills PowerPoint (Jill Boyle)
  • Cognitive Aid for Anesthesia (Curtis Baysinger)
  • Artifact in Pulse Oximetry Reading
  • Arterial Catheterization Technique (Sarah Gillespie)


  • Pediatrics
  • Cardiac
  • Critical Care
  • OB
  • Acute & Perioperative Pain Management Presentation (Cliff Bowens)
  • 4th Year Medical Student Anesthesiology Clerkship (Jill Boyle)
  • Pre-Anesthetic Evaluation (Jill Boyle)


Click here to learn more about the American Society of Anesthesiologists and their programs for medical students, as well as to apply to become a student member of the ASA.


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