Department of Anesthesiology

VIA Participation

Click here to download the VIA Procedures Manual (VU NetID protected) Word document, including fillable forms and trip reports. Updated November 2011.) This manual provides details on applying and preparing for VIA experiences.

Eligible participants include:


All clinical faculty of the Department of Anesthesiology are eligible to participate. Faculty are expected to contribute vacation time and financial resources to the program, and possibly sponsor a trainee to share their international experience. Similarly, those willing to serve as trip leaders will receive preferential access to VIA trip scheduling.


Resident physicians (CA-2 & 3 only) and fellows in good standing are eligible to participate in an approved VIA program. Priority will be given to senior residents, those who choose to contribute vacation time to the program, and those who have not taken a previous trip with VIA.


CRNA staff of the Vanderbilt Department of Anesthesiology are eligible to participate in VIA trips as space and resources allow. Priority will be given to CRNAs who are willing to contribute vacation time to the program, and/or pay for their travel expenses.


Clinical and non-clinical department staff are eligible to participate in medical missions in clinical and logistical support roles, as needed. There are numerous support activities “at home” that require significant effort such as materials acquisition and transport, and fundraising. There also may be opportunities to participate in overseas community service activities that are associated with medical missions. Such activities may include providing medicines and supplies; strengthening health facilities; training community health workers; providing water systems and hygiene education; participating in income-generating opportunities and other community development projects.

To express your interest in participating in future VIA trips email the program coordinator, Jenny Venecek at jennifer.venecek@vanderbilt.edu


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