7 North Inpatient Cardiology

Advancements and Certifications

PCCN Certification

Progressive Care Certified Nurse


You are eligible for PCCN certification if you have completed 1750 hours of direct bedside care of acutely ill adult patients within the last 2 years (875 of these hrs are required within the past year).  This is equivalent to the CCRN certification that ICU nurses are eligible for.  PCCN stands for Progressive Care Certified Nurse.  Please click on AACN for more information.

Once you are PCCN certified, you can also test for a specialty certification in cardiology.

 Click on this link to learn more about the  cardiology_subspecialty certification.

 VPNPP Website is filled with information for advancement as well as the VPNPP Toolkit


Complete the advancement evaluation package as usual in the online VPNPP system

When the online package is ready for submission, the applicant will complete the online application form found on the VPNPP website at https://www.mc.vanderbilt.edu/vunet/vumc.php?site=vpnpp&doc=21846 The applicant will email the program coordinator his or her VPES scores (instructions on application page)

  • If desired, the applicant may email the program coordinator the completed interview questions for inclusion in the portfolio

  • Upon receipt of the cover sheet and VPES scores, the VPNPP program coordinator will retrieve the evaluation materials (scoring sheet, documentation audits, and self, manager, and peer evaluations) electronically through the VPNPP system
    • Note: If applying for RN4, a copy of the HCT endorsement may be sent to the program coordinator by email, campus mail, or fax
  • The program coordinator will compile these documents into an electronic portfolio for distribution to the assigned advocate team









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