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CORES User Guide

The information provided below is an introduction to using commonly used features in CORES.  To schedule a personalized training session, contact us at CoresEmail@vanderbilt.edu

CORES User's Manual:  download PDF



To access CORES, go to https://cfuis.mc.vanderbilt.edu/login.cfm and log in using your VUnet ID and e-password.

Center Number Correction/Distribution
When you select this option, you will see an itemized list of each product and/or service that have been purchased using your center numbers. Use the dropdown menu next to each line item to change the center number charged or to distribute the charge across multiple center numbers.  Once charges have been entered by the core manager, you may review them at any time. You can choose to have your charges distributed to any of your valid center numbers.
Note:  This should be done before the third working day of each new month in order to correct or redistribute charges from the previous month.

Approve/Dispute Invoices 
Invoices are generated once per month, when charges in CORES are uploaded to the general ledger on the third business day of each month.  You may opt to receive monthly email notices when invoices are generated for products or services you have purchased.  Following upload, you can view invoices using the Approve/Dispute Invoices option; click on the invoice numbers listed to see more detail.  After approval, you can access details for all of your charges at any time using the Reports Menu.
Note:  Once the upload is complete and invoice notification has been emailed,disputing an invoice will not prevent the charges from posting to the general ledger.  The "dispute" option  generates automatic notification to the core manager and to the Office of Research.  A journal entry is required to transfer posted charges to a different center number.  If a charge is incorrect, you may request a refund by contacting the appropriate core manager.

Reports Menu
There are a number of options available from this menu:
Pre-Invoice Report will return a list of charges that will be invoiced at the end of the current billing period. 
Query allows you to define a number of variables to return a detailed report. 
Usage Reports allows current and historical searches sorted by a single variable (e.g. center number or core facility) 
PI/Center Number Report will return a list of your currently active center numbers in CORES.

 User Maintenance
Change your user profile contact information,  choose assistants who will be able to review charges and/or receive invoice notification.


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