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Scholarships are credit vouchers redeemable in center-supported core facilities. They are center and core specific, and are awarded by centers to member investigators at the beginning of each center’s grant year, and expire at the end of that year. 
The Office of Research has developed a scholarship module for CORES, which provides complete tracking of scholarship awards, including real-time usage data and billing functionality.
· Allocation and Procedures - for center administrators
How do I use a scholarship?
You can use your scholarship in place of a cost center to pay for core services. If you are awarded a scholarship, you will receive an email displaying a barcoded voucher with a unique identifying number and summary information as follows:
PI Name 
[your name]
Scholarship Number
Scholarship Begin Date
Scholarship End Date
Scholarship Amount

A barcode will be displayed at the bottom of each voucher. You can present this voucher at the time you use a core service. The core manager will use the "S" number instead of a cost center number for billing. Alternatively, if you make an on-line reservation for equipment time with a core that uses the CORES system, you can select your scholarship number to secure your reservation instead of a cost center.

Can I use a scholarship at any Vanderbilt core facility?
Your voucher will list the specific core where your scholarship may be used. A specific scholarship award may be used only for the core listed on the scholarship voucher. The scholarship credits are not transferrable.

How will I know how much credit remains in my scholarship account?
All scholarship amounts are updated in real time, with each transaction in CORES. To view your credit balances:

  • Log into CORES using your VUnet ID and epassword. 
  • From the Main Menu, select Reports  Menu>>Scholarship Report
  • Define the report limits using the dropdown menu, and click "Submit". At minimum, you must specify the contributing center (research center).

How are scholarships awarded?
Each Research Center determines who will receive scholarships, and manages the awards to center members. Your voucher will list the name of the Research Center that awarded the scholarship, and contact information for the center administrator.

Can my scholarship award be used indefinitely?
Scholarship vouchers are valid only during the supporting center grant year, and will expire by the end of that year. However, most research centers will award new vouchers each year. Contact your center administrator for details of the center-specific process for receiving new scholarships.
For more information on the Scholarship program, contact Susan Meyn in the Office of Research.


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