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New Core Setup

The Vanderbilt Medical Center Guidelines for Research Core Operations should be reviewed carefully before planning a new core operation (see Policies tab).  Establishment of a new core must be approved by either the center director or chair of the department in which it will be based, and the PI of the grant program (in cases of shared resources associated with specific sponsored projects).

All requests to open new cores must be submitted to and approved by the Office of Research.  Following approval, a new cost center number will be assigned by the Department of Finance, and the core can begin billing in CORES.

Requests should include the following (link to forms on the left):

  • Core Center Create
  • Recharge Center General Information (Exhibit A)
  • Budget Summary (1275)
  • Service Fee documentation workbook

You may also need to submit:

  • Depreciation Cost Center Create form
  • Equipment inventory and depreciation calculation worksheet


Contact Susan Meyn in the Office of Research for assistance in developing your business plan and setting service fees.

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