Office of Compliance & Corporate Integrity

Associate Vice Chancellor for   Health Affairs and 
Chief Compliance Officer
Dr. David Raiford

Assistant Vice Chancellor and 
Chief Clinical Enterprise
Compliance Officer 

James S. Mathis, JD, CHC, CHP

Billing Compliance Officer

Robert Mangeot

Compliance Educator
Kim Boshers, MSN, RN

Compliance Consultants
Joy Carr, RHIT
Shelly Ellis, BS, CPC

Office Assistant IV
Frances N. O'Connor

A Word from Our Chief Compliance Officer, Dr. David Raiford

Since being appointed VUMC’s Chief Compliance Officer in 2009, I have been assessing and managing issues relating to conflicts of interest, overseeing regulatory compliance in the health system, and promoting professionalism.

 I feel fortunate to be designated to lead the medical center’s compliance efforts to enhance Vanderbilt’s growing reputation as a national leader.  In this position, one of my responsibilities is overseeing the Office of Compliance and Corporate Integrity (OCCI). The OCCI is responsible for ensuring that the clinical enterprise implements and maintains an effective compliance program that includes:

  • Written standards of conduct and policy
  • Compliance Officer and oversight Committee
  • Regular training of employees
  • Process to receive complaints
  • Process to respond to allegations and remedy problems
  • Audits to monitor compliance
  • Process to investigate identified concerns

While the medical center’s compliance program is managed by the OCCI, it is the responsibility of everyone to ensure its success by following Vanderbilt’s policies and procedures, which are designed to follow the laws, rules, and regulations that govern the health care industry, and by speaking up when we see instances that fall short of those standards.   I look forward to continuing to serve the Vanderbilt community in this capacity and will strive to ensure that VUMC remains a national leader in compliance, ethics, and professional conduct.

Dr. David Raiford
Associate Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs
and Chief Compliance Officer

The Office of Compliance and Corporate Integrity (OCCI) is charged with identifying and mitigating risks associated with potential violations of the anti-kickback statute, Stark Laws, the Federal and State False Claims Act and various other laws and rules that impact billing, coding, and reimbursement for the Medical Center.  While the OCCI is involved with a multitude of compliance related functions and responsbilities, the primary focus is compliance with billing and coding.

Office of Compliance & Corporate Integrity

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