Vanderbilt Dietetic Internship

Supervised Practice

The healthcare environment is in a constant state of growth and change.  Educational experiences are: planned to maximize opportunities in the marketplace, updated annually based on feedback from preceptors and interns, and promote flexibility of job ready skills in a variety of practice settings.

  •     Rotation experiences are offered on the Vanderbilt campus and in the surrounding communities.
  •     Over 60+ preceptors and mentors support a diverse training network of rotations in both traditional and nontraditional practice settings. 
  •     Learning experiences are scheduled 5 days per week and include some weekends and holidays.  Assigned times for daily activities vary and will include some early morning and late evening hours.
  •     Formal classes are usually scheduled 2 days per month.
  •     Computer, printer and internet access are required to complete projects and assignments outside of the practice setting


Rotation Readiness is a 6 week comprehensive orientation to rotation experiences at program startup.  Lectures, discussions, site visits, medical center and campus tours, and interactive mini-workshops lay the ground work for rotations in:


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