Vanderbilt Dietetic Internship


2016-2017 Estimated Expenses: The intern is responsible for transportation costs, housing, meals and any expenses incurred for professional meetings. Estimated expenses for the dietetic interns have been established by the financial aid office as reasonable costs for attending Vanderbilt University Medical Center Programs in Allied Health (based on 2014/15 AND 2015/16 academic year). NOTE: Expenses may be reduced by sharing costs of housing, utilities and transportation with another student.

  • AND’s Food and Nutrition Expo: Dependent on location of the expo and estimated travel expenses, students may attend FNCE. This will be evaluated on an annual basis. Estimated cost of attending the 2016 FNCE in Boston, MA is $1,200 (registration, transportation, meals).

  • Health Insurance: All Allied Health Students are required to be covered by health insurance during their training. Students should seek private healthcare insurance options, or enroll via the government healthcare exchanges.

  • Program Acceptance/Registration Fee: Upon acceptance of an appointment as a dietetic intern, a registration fee of $250.00 is required. This fee secures the intern's position in the program. The registration fee is non-refundable.

  • Liability Insurance: The dietetic intern is covered for professional liability by Vanderbilt University. The cost is ~$200.00 but slightly changes each year.

  • Meal Allowance: Each intern will receive a meal allowance to be used at the designated Medical Center food courts.

  • Stipend: A monthly stipend of $90.00 is furnished to each dietetic intern.

  • Tuition: Tuition cost for the 2016-17 year is $10,000.00. A $5,000.00 installment will be due when the program begins in August and the remaining $5,000.00 will be due in January.

Tuition  $ 10,000
Supply Fee  $ 600
Deposit Fee  $ 250
Wellcoaches Class  $ 1,045
FNCE*  $ 1,200
Background Check  $ 30
Professional Liability Insurance  $ 200
Registration Exam Review Course  $ 400
Loan Origination Fees  $ 1,000
Books and Supplies  $ 375
Rent and Utilities  $ 9,650
Food/Clothing/Personal  $ 4,500
Parking/Transportation  $ 4,000
Medical/Dental Expenses  $ 2,000
MISC  $1,500
     TOTAL $ 37,155

A portion of the above expenses is offset by the stipend and meals described above.  Individuals accepted into the program will be sent information to inquire about housing availability in the Nashville area, as well as specific program cost information.  Federal financial aid is avialable for qualified applicants.
*FNCE is optional, not a requirement of the internship.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financial Aid: Federally funded guaranteed student loans (Stafford unsubsidized) are available to eligible dietetic interns through the Federal Direct Loan Program. Loans may be processed after 30 days of enrollment. Upon request, a financial aid packet will be sent to each student accepted into the program.

Scholarships: The Ann Goldberg Coca Cola Scholarship fund has been established by the Vanderbilt Medical Center Dietetic Internship Program to award scholarships to dietetic interns whose national ethnic origin is considered to be a minority in the field of dietetics. Scholarships are awarded after appointment to the program and are need-based awards. For more information, please contact the program director.

Additionally, the applicant may write to The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation prior to December 31 of the year in which they are applying, to request a loan or scholarship application for the upcoming academic year.

Also, state and/or district dietetic associations may have scholarship programs. Contact your state or local dietetic association president for information.

All students are encouraged to apply for scholarships through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation and/or state and local dietetic associations.

The stipend, benefits and fees are subject to change without notice.


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