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Mission statement:

Who we are...

The Vanderbilt Housestaff Alliance is a nonprofit social and philanthropic organization composed of the spouses and significant others of Vanderbilt house staff and alumni.

Our mission is to promote friendship among members, to foster a supportive environment, and to serve the Nashville community.   


General information:

The Vanderbilt Housestaff Alliance

As reflected by our mission statement, the Vanderbilt Housestaff Alliance seeks to make the transition into residency and life at Vanderbilt as easy as possible for the significant others of the Housestaff. Recognizing that moving to a new city and starting residency can be a difficult time, the Alliance provides a network of friendship and support for its members through a variety of activities and interest groups.

Throughout the year, the Alliance hosts a number of monthly activities and interest groups that are as diverse as our members.  From playgroups to trivia nights, from basketball games to symphony events, from mini-golf to support for medical marriages, the Alliance has something to offer everyone.

Our monthly newsletter, Housecalls, will keep you up to date with all of the planned monthly activities such as the Night at the Bluebird, our annual Cooking Class, our Fall Family day at the pumpkin patch or a Night at the Sounds game (the local AAA baseball team), The Alliance also provides a vehicle for our members to share their time and talents with those in need by supporting three very important Nashville philanthropies -- The Hospital Hospitality House, the Jade Pasley Patient and Family Assistance Fund, and the Salvation Army.

Whatever your needs or interests are, there is a place for you with the Housestaff Alliance.

Contact information:

Please contact us with your comments, questions and suggestions. We welcome your feedback as we exist to serve you and our community.


For the latest news about the Vanderbilt Housestaff Alliance, you can also visit our web page, http://www.vhalliance.org/.


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