Nursing Documentation


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  AdminRx Medications requiring co-signature  
  AdminRx Reviewing medication administration
  AdminRx Staggering medications    
  AdminRx Stealing Doses      
  Care Organizer View several hours of medications at once
  Care Organizer Configure Screen      
  Care Organizer Create Assigmment    
  Care Organizer Ending an Assignment    
  HED Reviewing charted data in HED  
  IV Manage Tips on charting in IV manage  
  Medications Where to find medications administered in OR or ER
  Fall Risk  How to order Fall Risk    
  Message to AdminRx How to send message to AdminRx  
  Business Objects How to obtain fall risk, pain and restraint reports
  Outstanding Medications How to obtain outstanding medications report
  Transfer Reports What reports ar required when transferring a patient
Internal Error  Help Us Help you How to minimize internal error messages
  Scanner Scanner Success      


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