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The Privacy Office provides training and consultative services related to VUMC policies, as well as State and Federal laws and regulations, associated with information privacy and security, HIPAA, and the HITECH Act Privacy Regulations.

The Privacy Office is available to answer questions you may have concerning policies, laws and regulations, HIPAA and HITECH Act Privacy Regulations.  Below are some of the freqeuntly asked questions our office answers.  Please click on the subject to view answers and information supporting the answer.  If you do not see your question/answer on this page, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 615/936-3594 or email Privacy.Office@vanderbilt.edu

Accessing Medical Records -  A frequent question is whether or not VUMC personnel can access their own record, their spouse's records, their child's record or other records.
Disclosure to Family and Friends - Can information be disclosed without consent, let's say to a friend or family accompanying a patient to a doctor's visit or visiting a patient in the hospital?
Emailing Patient Information - Can Patient Information be sent through email?
Faxing Patient Information - Does HIPAA prohibit us from faxing information to a patient?
Job Shadowing -  What is the process for a shadow/observation experience for VUMC?
Messages -  Is it ok to leaves messages for patients on their answering machine?
Patient Photography -  May I take a picture of a patient for treatment purposes?
Releasing Patient Information - When a family member calls from out of town and wants information on a patient, how do we know when it is okay to release the information? 

Please call the Privacy Office at 936-3594 for additional information or email us at Privacy.Office@vanderbilt.edu.


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