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Monday Seminars - Research highlights from students and post-docs 12pm 206 PRB

Wednesday Seminars -Guest speakers 12pm 206 PRB

DRTC and VIOM Seminars- 12pm Fridays 206 PRB

Genetics Interest Group (GIG) - 12pm Thursdays 206 PRB

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Upcoming Events 

MPB Guest Lecture noon, April 16th 206 PRB

Leta K. Nutt, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, "Metabolic Sensing Mechanisms in Cellular Signaling"

CHGR Seminar 1-2 PM, April 21st, 208 Light Hall 

Robert Nussbaum, UCSF

Dissertation Defense 2pm, May 1st, 214 Light Hall

Amica Elliot, Piston lab, "Paracrine Regulation of Glucagon Secretion from Pancreatic Islets" 

Dissertation Defense 10am, 206 PRB

Laura Buckman, Ellacott lab "Studies on the Development and Consequences of Neuroinflammation in Obesity"

CHGR Seminar 1-2 PM, May 23rd, 208 Light Hall

Louis Ptacek, HHMI, UCSF

Featured publication

Bryan Venters

Genomic Organization of human transcription initation complexes

Venters B.J & Pugh B.F.

Nature: Epub ahead of print September 18th 2013 

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Description of image: Bryan Venters, photograph by Susan Urmy/Vanderbilt University

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