Moses Lab

Post Doctoral Fellows

Philip Owens, PhD

I am Philip Owens and I joined the lab in January 2009. I finished my Ph.D. at Oregon Health and Sciences University in Portland Oregon prior to moving to Nashville. Previously, I specialized my training in the skin where I completed projects on hair follicle development, cutaneous wound repair and skin cancer. My interests involve determining how complex TGF-β superfamily signaling molecules function during normal mammary gland development and cancer. I utilize mouse models, primary cell cultures and human clinical samples to determine how complex cell-cell interactions maintain homeostasis and promote pathogenesis.


Aubie Shaw, PhD

Aubie Shaw grew up in northern Minnesota (Go Vikings!!). She received her Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison by examining microenvironmental Hedgehog signaling in prostate cancer with Wade Bushman. Currently she is studying the effects of loss of stromal TGFb signaling in mammary development, cancer initiation and progression. In addition, Aubie is studying the role of interactions between fibroblasts and other stromal cells (fibroblasts, bone marrow cells) in breast cancer initiation and progression. Aubie is also collaborating on a project with Simon Hayward and Carlos Arteaga’s lab to study tumor initiation by breast cancer-associated fibroblasts when co-grafted with normal human mammary epithelial cells.

 Aubie Shaw's publications / aubie.shaw@vanderbilt.edu

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