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Li Yang, PhD

Nikki Cheng, PhD

Jonathan Xu, PhD

Brian Law, PhD

Rosa Serra, PhD



Neil Bhowmick, PhD

Pran Datta, PhD

Lu Xie, MD

Hideaki Ijichi, MD/PhD

Daniel Satterwhite, MD

Michael Blakely, MD

Peter Noorgard, MD

Janice Nigro, PhD

Masa Kawata, MD

Anna Maria Garcia, PhD

Nancy Sipes, PhD



Brian Bierie, PhD (2008)

Mete Erdogan, PhD  (2008)

I am a proud past-member of the Moses Lab. My studies were focused on the role of TGF-beta signaling in mammary epithelial cells that were transformed with oncogenic mutants of the Ras-related small GTPases R-Ras and TC21. Through these studies, we established novel roles for TGF-beta in promoting the transforming potential of R-Ras(G38V) and TC21(G23V), and we identified key components of the signaling mechanisms mediating this cooperative behavior between TGF-beta and R-Ras/TC21, including p38 MAPK and TAK1. My previous research work was performed at McGill University in Montreal, PQ, Canada, where I received my undergraduate degree (Bsc. Physiology), and also at Dalhousie University in Halifax, NS, Canada.  My work there focused on the efficacy of liposomal tacrolimus lotion as a novel topical agent for treatment of immune-mediated skin disorders. I plan to continue my research career at the post-doctoral level in my native land of Canada.

Alissa Summers, PhD  (2006)

Kimberly Brown Dahlman, PhD  (2006)

Elizabeth Forrester, PhD  (2005)

Maurine McDonnell, PhD

Amelia Entingh, PhD

April Bragg, PhD

Michael Engel, MD/PhD

Mark Alexandrow, PhD

Donald Pierce, MD/PhD

Edmund Yang, PhD

Ron Pelton, MD/PhD

Jennifer Pietenpol, PhD  (1990)



Rebecca Townsend, MS

Heather Joseph, MS



Dan Stover, MD

Dan graduated from Vanderbilt Medical School and is currently completing his residency at Vanderbilt.  He spent much of his medical school free time in the Moses lab validating the TBRII knock-out and working with Brian Bierie on the role of TGF-ß in the development of breast cancer and the murine breast microenvironment. Dan was a coxswain for the heavyweight crew team in college, but being far from any rowable body of water, he now enjoys running, cooking and reading. He is also a dedicated Ohio State Buckeyes fan. He hopes to ultimately run a lab focusing on solid tumor biology.


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