VUMC Ambulatory Pharmacy Services

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Prescription Services    
TVC Outpatient Pharmacy (615) 322-6480 Rusty Catlin
MCE Pharmacy (615) 936-1040 Jason Schuster
Children's Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy (615) 936-6337 Jennifer Almon
Vanderbilt Health Pharmacy (OHO) (615) 322-2688 Lindsay Ford
 VU Health Plan Services  (615) 322-4775  Walt Woods
Specialized Pharmacy Services    
VMG Pharmacy Services (615) 343-9266 Hayley Rector
Pharmacy Hemophilia Service (615) 343-2020 Johnna Oleis
VMG Anticoagulation Service (615) 343-3096 Tommy Meador
Sample Medication Program (615) 343-1484 Michael O'Neal
Ambulatory Pharmacy Offices    
Prescription Services (615) 322-3884 Walt Woods
Administrative Office (615) 322-4775 Walt Woods
Business Office (615) 343-6421 Sheila Hancock

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