VUMC Ambulatory Pharmacy Services

VMG Pharmacy Services


Description The VMG Pharmacy coordinates the use of medications to patients receiving treatments in the on-site and off-site Vanderbilt Medical Group clinics. 

For a listing of VMG clinics served by the VMG Pharmacy, CLICK HERE. 
Location (MAP) The VMG Pharmacy is located at 1211 Medical Center Drive, Room 1815 on the first floor of The Vanderbilt Clinic building.
Hours of operation The VMG Pharmacy is open Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm, and is closed on the weekends.  The VMG Clinic Medication Service is closed on most medical center recognized holidays.
Services The VMG Pharmacy is responsible for coordination and provision of stock medication to the VMG clinics, including the use of ADC machines and on demand medication preparation to patients in VMG clinics. The Oncology Pharmacy is responsible for dispensing chemotherpeutic agents.
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Contact information Address                  1211 Medical Center Drive 
                                 TVC 1815
                                   Nashville, TN  37232-5611
  Telephone              615-343-9266 (medical center 3-9266)
  Fax                           615-322-7281 (medical center 2-7281)                                              
Manager Hayley Rector            hayley.rector@vanderbilt.edu

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