VUMC Ambulatory Pharmacy Services

Sample Medication Program

Description The Vanderbilt Pharmacy is responsible for the coordination of sample medications in the Vanderbilt Medical Center.  This includes vendor registration, sample medication policy coordination, and sample medication policy compliance.  For information regarding sample medication use at Vanderbilt, you may access:
Related Topics For information on related topics, you may also access:
Contact Information Meetings to discuss issues with the Vendor Policy or the Sample Policy are by appointment only.  Please schedule a meeting using the information below:
  • Pharmacy Office    615-322-2374    Registration, Marketing Plans, Clinic Call Plan
  • Bob Lobo               615-322-2374    P&T/Formulary issues
  • Michael O'Neal      615-343-1484    Sample program administration, Issue resolution
  • Bob Sentell            615-343-5011    Contracting
Manager Michael O'Neal            michael.oneal@vanderbilt.edu

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