VUMC Ambulatory Pharmacy Services

VMG Anticoagulation Clinic

DescriptionThe VMG Anticoagulation Clinic provides anticoagulation management to Internal Medicine and Medical Specialty patients of Vanderbilt Medical Center.  Dr. Jim Jirjis, MD is the Medical Director of the center.

Cardiology patients are followed by the Cardiology Anticoagulation Clinic.  Patients seen in other practices are followed by their PCP.

Working by protocol established by national evidence-based guidelines, the Anticoagulation Management Center schedules patients for follow up, interprets lab results, consults with prescribers, and communicates with patients changes in their treatment plan. 

Referral processPractitioners can refer patients to the Pharmacy Anticoagulation Clinic via StarPanel.  To access the admission form,
  • access your patient in StarPanel,  
  • click FORMS on the toolbar,

Completion of this form will provide the clinic with the information needed to transition the patient to the care of the clinic.  Please remember that the patient remains in the care of the prescriber until the Anticoagulation Management Center calls back and confirms that the patient is now in their care.

The center uses Patient Admission Guidelines and Patient Discharge Guidelines to determine patient eligibility for the service.

Hours of operationThe VMG Anticoagulation Clinic is open Monday through Friday, 8am to 4:30pm, and is closed on the weekends.  The clinic is closed on most medical center recognized holidays. 

If you have an emergency when the clinic is closed, please call your physician directly or the Vanderbilt Emergency Department at 615-322-0160.

Contact informationAddress                   3319 West End Avenue 
                                   Crystal Terrace, Suite 900
                                    Nashville, TN 37203 
 Telephone               615-343-3096  (medical center 3-3096)
 Fax                             615-343-6774
ManagerTommy Meador       tommy.meador@vanderbilt.edu                          



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