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Anticoagulation Management Center Admission and Discharge Criteria



Admission Criteria


        Patient is currently under the care of a Vanderbilt physician participating in the Anticoagulation Management Center or the Cardiology Anticoagulation Clinic.

        It has been determined by the attending physician that the benefits of warfarin therapy outweigh the risk.

        Patient has a documented indication for anticoagulant therapy management for period greater than one week.

        Patient and/or liaison must have the capacity to understand the patientís condition and implication of anticoagulant therapy.

        Patient and/or liaison must be willing and competent to actively participate in care management.

        Patient and/or liaison must be accessible by telephone.

        Patient must be willing and able to have lab testing performed at assigned intervals.

        Patients with known/documented medical non-adherence will be considered for enrollment after discussion among clinic staff, including the enrolling physician and medical director.



Discharge Criteria


There may be circumstances when a patient may be transferred from the care of the Anticoagulation Management Center to the direct care of the Primary Care Provider or warfarin prescriber.


        No patient will be disenrolled from the clinic without the approval of the attending physician or the medical director.

        Patient shows an unchanging pattern of chronic non-adherence to dosage instructions and/or lab testing.

        Patient fails to have follow-up visits with the anticoagulation medication prescriber at least annually, with a six month grace period.  During this time, the Anticoagulation Management Center staff will encourage the patient to see the physician.

        Patient no longer meets the eligibility criteria.




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