Performance Improvement Office



We work to be uniquely prepared for contributing to the advancement of health care delivery at Vanderbilt, not just by improving current processes but extending our reach into the patient care continuum so that we can anticipate the support needed for our patients and families.



            Eager. Achieve.
                        Our continuous investment.


            Effort. Stewardship.
                        This is about collaboration and accountability.


            Ease. Build.
                        Our designs eliminate unnecessary variability to set a common foundation.


            Engage. Coordinate.
                        We build upon the collective energy to interlock pieces.

Our Common Understanding

            - To make a difference for our patients and providers
            - To learn as much as possible
            - To train and develop our team members & future leaders for Vanderbilt
            - To bring a genuine passion for improvement, while making the lives of our patients better

Our Approach

VMG Operational Models

Our Beginning

VMG Mission, Vision, & Strategy

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