Performance Improvement Office

Meyers Stallings - Associate Director, VMG


Meyers joined Vanderbilt in September of 2008.

Meyers set up shop with just the “flip” part of a flip phone, a three-legged desk without a chair, an industrial-sized fan, and one red pen.  Besides leading the charge, Meyers also provides endless training and learning opportunities for his team, an uncanny sense of humor (that is worth repeating over, and over, and over), as well as the type of knowledge that can only come from over 20 years of consulting and operations experience.
     - M.B.A. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Career Highlights:
     - Consulting (Health Systems, Academic Medical Centers, Multi-Specialty Group Practices:
        Health System Development; Strategic Planning; ClinicalInformatics Development; Technology
        Integration; Mergers and Acquisitions; Integrated Health Systems Strategy and Operations;
What is your favorite outdoor activity?
Pretty much anything that involves rivers and mountains
What do you consider to be your motto to live by?
Work to Play!



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