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Paul Schmitz - Director, Capacity Planning

Paul joined PIO in January 2009.
Paul is our Director of Capacity Planning, which means he and his Epic-certified team work with the Epic system to analyze template capacity and match it to the required levels. In other technical words, Paul “partners and supports departmental chairs and VUMC leadership in the proactive management of ambulatory capacity to achieve strategic objectives.” When Paul isn’t reviewing analytics or brainstorming with his team, you may find him discussing probability situations (If a jar has 50 jelly beans, 10 cherry, 15 licorice, 20 strawberry, and 5 butter-flavored, what’s the probability Paul will randomly pick his favorite -licorice- on the first draw?).
     - B.S. Computer Science & Management St. Cloud State University, MN
     - M.A. Vanderbilt University, TN
     - Epic Certification – Cadence and Chronicles Ad Hoc Reporting
Career Highlights:
     - Over 20 years of experience (more than half of those are with Vanderbilt) as an Administrative
        leader with an operations and technology focus
     - Sr. LAN Manager, Vanderbilt Networked Computing Department
     - Associate Director, Vanderbilt Neurodiagnostics
What is a project you would like to undertake?
Build a wooden boat
What are your hidden talents?
Juggling (currently working on perfecting the quintuple ex-change)
Racquetball Division A Champion: ’02, ’03, ’05, ’07, ’08, ’09, ’10, ‘11
What Olympic moment inspires you?
1980 USA Hockey Team



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