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Abby Honhart, MBA - Operations Engineer


Abby joined PIO in January 2010.

Abby is our Organizational Specialist – Of course, this references Abby’s ability to neatly arrange objects on her desk. There was once an office experiment to see if Abby would notice the rearrangement of her paperclips, pushpins, and a stapler (The world record was beaten for a reaction time of .58 seconds). Abby is also a team resource for practical advice, Excel tips, and Six Sigma.
     - B.A. University of Virginia
     - M.B.A. Owen School of Business Vanderbilt University
     - Six Sigma, Green Belt certification
Career Highlights:
     - Fundraising Consultant
     - Nonprofit and healthcare experience, including hospital environment
What is your ultimate dream vacation?
At the moment, Belize or Greece. I'm on the fence.
Do you prefer pen or pencil?
If this is a larger metaphor for life, then I'd say pencil -- but if you're actually talking about a tool for writing, then definitely a pen. Or a whiteboard marker.
What do you consider to be the best invention, ever?
The line that changes colors on a diaper to show if baby has a wet diaper



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