Performance Improvement Office

Taylor McClain, MSHA, MBA - Operations Engineer

Taylor joined PIO in January 2011.
Taylor is always willing to pitch in whenever help is needed. She has a passion for process improvement and organization. Taylor is an avid Auburn football fan and loves traveling back to Alabama for games during the fall. 
     - B.S. Auburn University, AL
     - M.S.H.A., M.B.A. University of Alabama at Birmingham
Career Highlights:
     - Vanderbilt Administrative Resident, VUH (2009-2010)
     - Project Manager, Vanderbilt Heart and Vascular Institute (2010)
Do you prefer plane, train, or automobile? 
Plane…I love to fly!
What is your ultimate dream vacation? 
Backpacking through Europe followed by at least a week of relaxation in Bora Bora
What do you consider to be your motto to live by?
Let no one come to you without leaving better
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