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Andy Shoulders - Performance Improvement Analyst


Andy Shoulders joined PIO in January 2011.
Andy is one of our analysts who in a past life conducted complex environmental analyses and read about such things as phylogenomics, benthic dynamics, and Xenarthrans. Andy is also affectionately known as “Shouldy,” mostly in order to provide a distinction between he and our other Andy (around the office we’ve found this to be more efficient than simply calling out, “Andy”). Shouldy-Andy supplies our team with analytical know-how and a genuine willingness to jump in whenever needed.
     - B.S. Environmental Science University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Career Highlights:
     - Conducting air, water, and soil analyses for the Environmental Science Corporation
       in Mt. Juliet, TN
What is the most recent conference you've attended?
IHI 23rd Annual National Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care
What is your favorite football team?
University of Tennessee & Titans
What do you consider to be your motto to live by?
Never let defeat rob you of success.



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