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Brian Wood - Epic Template Specialist

Brian joined PIO in August 2011.
Brian is one of our template specialists for the Capacity Management team – He was born in St. Louis, Mo but grew up in the Denver, Co area. Before his transition to PIO, Brian helped our patients with appointments in the Cancer Access Center. Brian enjoys anything football related (particularly when it involves the Broncos and/or Titans).  Also, Brian has a beautiful wife – Jenny, and an adorable daughter – Anna Beth.
     - Epic Certification – Cadence
Career Highlights:
     - Customer Support Manager, R/C Hobby website for 9 years
     - Central Appointment Scheduler Cancer Access Center, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
What are your hidden talents?
(Other than ice sculpting, parallel parking, and the ability to draw a perfect circle) Brian moved to Nashville in 1997 as a professional drummer and traveled the world playing music for about 7 years.
What do you consider to be the best invention, ever?
Checkered paint
What do you consider to be your motto to live by?
“If your feet smell and your nose runs, you’re built upside down”
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