Performance Improvement Office

Jeff Rosedale, BA - Health Systems Analyst, Programmer III

Jeff joined PIO in February of 2011.
Jeff is another incredibly talented individual – He writes music and plays guitar professionally (see Publications, below), speaks no French, can run just about any Epic ad-hoc report imaginable, and has survived the cold winters of North Dakota. Jeff maintains our web-based data applications, provides Epic application support and design, produces quarterly VMG provider productivity reports, and conducts data analyses. The takeaway here is that Jeff does many things (Even to this day, we are still learning about the Jeff Rosedale capabilities).
     - B.A. San Francisco State University, CA
     - Epic Certification: KBSQL, Cadence, Chronicles Ad-Hoc Reporting, Reporting Workbench
Career Highlights:
     - Creation of online data-driven web applications
     - eTraining: Allows VUMC staff to enroll online for classes offered by multiple departments
     - The Trainers' Office: Provides ability to post attendance, record test grades, send trainee progress reports to managers
     - Templates Online: Allows VUMC staff to submit provider scheduling template changes (Since the 2005 implementation, more than 50,000
        requests have been processed)
What are your hidden talents?
Professional Punster 
(Please direct apprenticeship-related inquiries to Jeff Rosedale)
What is your go-to expression?
CDs (Ooboo's Pancake; Scenes From the Observation Car)
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