Performance Improvement Office

Our Beginning

The Performance Improvement Office (PIO) formed in 2008.

Our original intent and current stewardship philosophy includes two equally significant charges:

         To serve as a recruiting and development model for attracting, hiring, and developing
         entry level to graduate level personnel who demonstrate a career interest and passion
         for working within healthcare delivery systems.
         To evaluate, analyze, and execute operationally focused engineering projects, which have
         been identified by senior leadership as potentially generating high-value, patient-centered
         improvements within VUMC.
Since 2008, our primary effort has been focused on patient and referring provider access. As the VUMC organizational strategy evolves and initiatives are defined over time, we anticipate supporting continuum-based work.

The Vanderbilt CREDO:

We make those we serve our highest priority.
We respect privacy and confidentiality.
We communicate effectively with our patients and colleagues.
We conduct ourselves professionally, with respect and compassion.
We have a sense of ownership for the health of our communities.
We have a high commitment to our colleagues.


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