Vanderbilt Resuscitation Program

Equipment Coordinator

Sarah Hanna, NREMT-P, BS





Sarah Hanna joined the Resuscitation Program in March of 2012. Sarah graduated from Middle Tennessee State University where she received her Bachelor's degree in Education. Her primary concentrations of study involved Military Science and Social Sciences. Sarah has also earned licensure as a NREMT-P (Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic). Her background includes teaching, working in 911 and convalescent pre-hospital medicine, as well as serving as an Emergency Medical Technician in Vanderbilt's Emergency Department. Her passion is to increase knowledge and participation in early, high quality CPR, and to help make sure all of Vanderbilt's staff are empowered with the right knowledge and tools to be ready for any cardiac arrest event.

The Equipment Coordinator does the following:

·        Assists in the maintenance and deployment of emergency equipment (e.g. defibrillators, crash carts, AEDs)

·        Assists with the instructor on emergency curricula (e.g. EOR, BLS, etc)

·        Responds to in-hospital emergencies (e.g. STAT)

Contact the Equipment Coordinator for the following:

·        Questions regarding the new MRx

·        Questions about AEDs

·        Questions about equipment in and around the crash cart

·        Questions about emergency response plans

·        Questions about arranging emergency training for staff

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