Vanderbilt Institute for Obesity & Metabolism

Obesity Outreach

Obesity is one of the most serious public health problems in the United States. While personal responsibility is an important part of the equation, there are many factors beyond individual control that have contributed to the rising obesity rates. 

Addressing the obesity crisis is a shared responsibility, and  members of the VIOM are working closely with community partners to reduce obesity and obesity-related diseases. 
During the inaugural Obesity DesignShop at Vanderbilt’s Center for Better Health’s Innovation Center, VIOM members described their role as follows:
·         Facilitate translation of prevention and treatment into the community;
·         Be the source of valid information to feed into policy decisions;
·         Provide evidence-based input into the political process;
·         Recognize that Vanderbilt is a community that is part of a larger community;
·         Work with public schools to raise awareness and change patterns of consumption and physical activity;
·         Partner with the community to identify approaches/strategies;
·         Lead a “social movement” toward disease prevention;
·         Provide rapid translation of basic science and public health research into the community;
·         Help create an environment that is conducive to healthy behaviors;
·         Engage policymakers and industry;
·         Identify key partners and integrate efforts.