Vanderbilt Institute for Obesity & Metabolism

Vitamin, Nutrient, and Antioxidant



  Raymond Burk  James May
  Wenbiao Chen  Aramandhu Ramesh
  Zhong Mao Guo  Conrad Wagner



This research group focuses on nutrient metabolism and function, nutrients as antioxidants, and food-containing oxidants.  In recent years oxidative stress has been recognized as important in the pathogenesis of many disease conditions, including obesity and the metabolic syndrome.  Investigators in this group lead research programs in antioxidant micronutrients (May-vitamin C, Burk-selenium and vitamin E, Wagner-folic acid), and in substances in food that may cause oxidative damage, such as benzo(a)pyrene (Guo and Ramesh), found in charred meats.  They are in a position to contribute to understanding how nutrients prevent oxidative injury and to support investigations into oxidative stress by other VIOM researchers. Dr. Chen, a new investigator to Vanderbilt, is developing methods in the zebrafish for studying the effects of nutrition on growth and function of islets.


Most of these investigators have established collaborations with other group members.  Drs. May and Burk shared R01 support for 9 years on combined deficiencies of antioxidant nutrients in guinea pigs. Dr. Wagner has provided support on one-carbon metabolism and has published with Dr. Burk.