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Other Official Logos

For offsite locations
When the clinic or center being represented is not on the main VUMC campus, the Vanderbilt Health logo is always used. The specific location of the clinic or center (e.g. Brentwood, One Hundred Oaks) may not be typeset to appear integrated with the offsite logo, but can be referenced somewhere on the material, such as part of a headline or address block.

Vsnderbilt Health logo example

Academic Logos
For material with content pertaining to academics, either the VU School of Medicine or School of Nursing logo is appropriate. Please note that these logos must always have "Vanderbilt University" present in the logo. There are several variations available, two are shown below. Logos for Vanderbilt University academic areas may be viewed and downloaded from the University graphics standards site.

Vanderbilt School of Medicine logo

Vanderbilt University School of Nursing logo

Need a logo?

To request an official VUMC logo, and for information on graphic standards, email Design.

Download School of Medicine and School of Nursing logos here.

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