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Stationery and Business Cards

All stationery and business card requests should go through Vanderbilt Printing Services. Orders may be placed on their website.

The templates available on the Vanderbilt Printing site are the only official stationery and business card templates for Vanderbilt University and Medical Center. Vanderbilt uses a custom-watermarked paper that is only available through Vanderbilt Printing.

Electronic letterhead is now also available through Vanderbilt Printing. Keep in mind these are to be used for emailing only and not for printing on desktop or other printers. The gold ink used on the stationery is metallic and cannot be replicated on desktop printers.

For those who work in mainly academic/research areas and do not see patients, order the School of Medicine or School of Nursing stationery. Everyone else should order VUMC stationery.

Download the VUMC PowerPoint template

main power point template example

alternate power point template example

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