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Analytics Design Search engine optimization
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Database development Online forms Web maintenance agreements

Analytics: We can set up Google Analytics accounts for VUMC sites to track site traffic and trends. This is handy if you'd like to know which pages are the most visited on your site, or how much time users spend poking around. We can set up reports for you to review, which will in turn help us make our sites better.

Consultation: Need a professional opinion on your site or concept? We offer this service for free. Our goal is to help you and your department create excellent sites. Whether you create the site with our software or use your own, we have additional resources you may use. Call us at 2-2876 to discuss your site.

Content: We have Web writers/editors on staff who can create and edit copy to suit your needs. Please contact Will Ayers at 5-5809 or will.ayers@vanderbilt.edu to learn more.

Database development: Many times sites will need a database developed. Our lead developer, Travis Waters, can discuss these needs with you. You can reach him at travis.waters@vanderbilt.edu. Database programming does incur a fee, but our rates are priced below market in order to offer the VUMC community quality support.

Design: We have professional designers on staff who are well-versed in Web design. If you need a site layout, custom graphics or other design needs, please contact us and we'll work with you to make something beautiful.

Domain name/url registration: All domain names are registered through Vanderibilt ITS.

New websites: We create sites from scratch for centers, clinics, labs and other VUMC communities of all shapes and sizes. We build our sites using SiteBuilder, our own Web management tool, and we design them in a standardized framework. We'll work with you to get the content and layout you need, and we'll train someone on your staff to use SiteBuilder so that you have the power to improve your own site as your needs evolve. Learn more.

Online forms: You can create forms in Sitebuilder to collect data from users such as registrations for events, questionnaires and facility requests. Patient information may not be collected in SItebuilder forms. The information users put into forms goes into a database that you can review, and you can download the results to a spreadsheet. To use the forms, you need a SiteBuilder 3.0 account. If you need an account or training on Sitebuilder, please contact Jason Coles at jason.coles@vanderbilt.edu. The software and training are free.

Search engine optimization: We can work with you to improve your site's ranking in search results through the use of keywords, links and other search strategies. We use Google Analytics to guide our decisions, with the goal being to help users find the content they need as quickly and easily as possible.

SiteBuilder access and training: SiteBuilder is VUMC's own Web tool for building and maintaining websites. You don't need to know any code to use it. To learn more about the SiteBuilder Application or to sign up for an account, please click here. (VUnet ID and password required)

Site refresh: Got an old site that needs updating? Have you been handed a confusing mess of a site by a predecessor and don't know where to start? We specialize in revitalizing VUMC sites. This can include anything from some fresh content and photos to a total overhaul, depending on your needs. Please contact Will Ayers at 5-5809 or will.ayers@vanderbilt.edu to learn more.

Web maintenance agreements: Want a new site but don't have the time or staff to maintain it? We can take care of that for you. For a yearly fee, we can take the content you provide and keep your site looking fresh and current. Please contact Betsy Brandes to get started.

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