Vanderbilt Autonomic Dysfunction Center

Medical Work-Up Round 2

After moving back to school, I got a new team of doctors and the workup continued. I saw many more specialists at the insistence of my primary care doctor at school and I would ask each new doctor if I had POTS. They would all just act like it wasn’t a real condition, that it didn’t account for my symptoms, or they would ignore the question all together. With each new doctor I saw, I lost faith in the diagnosis Dr. Raj had given me and eventually pushed it out of my mind. As a result, I continued seeing doctors for months, racking up medical bills and needle sticks, but not getting anything helpful in return. By this time, it was a year and a half since my initial diagnosis and I was finally ready to circle back to what Dr. Raj had said and accept that I had POTS, despite what all these smart, capable doctors had told me. I began begging my primary care doctor for salt and propranolol and he would only give me one propranolol a day. It was not nearly enough to help.

Accepting My Diagnosis and Moving Forward

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