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Other Things to Know About Salt

These are some of the things I have learned about salt:


  • I have learned the hard way that eating this much salt has changed my ability to taste it. Because I put so much salt on my food, what I consider a normal amount of salt and what other people consider normal are not the same thing.  I no longer allow myself to salt food for groups after serving an entire dinner party an over-salted pasta dish that was basically inedible to everyone at the table but me.
  • Salt tablets are invaluable but hard on the stomach. It took me three attempts over the course of many months to finally be able to take 3 salts tablets a day without getting extremely sick to my stomach. I found that starting with one tablet a day with my biggest meal for a couple weeks then 2 tablets a day for the next couple weeks and then finally working up to 3 tablets a day was the only way I could tolerate salt pills.
  • Salt pills will make you bloat. A lot. Especially at the beginning. I do not recommend starting salt pills before spending a day by the pool in a bikini, unless you want to look like you just ate a bowling ball.
  • Other people, including doctors, will think a high salt diet is a very strange thing. Be prepared for them to tell you that what you are doing doesn’t make sense.

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