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Upcoming BL3 Training Requirements

There are 5 components to our upcoming training program. You must fulfill all 5 prior to working in a CFAR BSL-3 laboratory:

  • Review Vanderbilt BSL-3 Laboratories Core Policies and Procedures: receive copy of this document and read it
  • Watch training video: “Controlling your risks: HIV in the research laboratory”
  • Complete this on-line tutorial and pass the quiz
  • Receive hands-on training from a CFAR-approved trainer in specific BSL3 and HIV handling techniques (trainer uses checklist to document training in each area)
  • Demonstrate proficiency in BSL3 practices through working together with an approved BSL3 technician for the first ten hours of your project.

Your completion of each of these components will be recorded, after which you will be certified to use CFAR BSL-3 laboratory facilities

Please contact Lorraine Sutton at (615) 343-5897 or Richard D'Aquila, M.D. at (615) 322-8972  to learn more.

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