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Flow Cytometry

Instruments are housed in a BSL3 facility in Medical Center North, Room A-2100, allowing for the study of biohazardous or infectious samples.


  • Live cell sorting (HIV-infected or other biohazardous cells in BSL3)
  • Non-sorting acquisition (HIV-infected or other biohazardous cells in BSL3)
  • Experimental design and troubleshooting consultation (training graduate students,
  • medical students and fellows)
  • Software and data analysis training
  • VICTR application assistance – contact Louise Barnett at 343-5929 or


Immunopathogenesis Core Account Form - Flow Cytometry
Sample preparation information
CFAR HIV BSL3/Virology Core Account Form
VICTR funding application


Flow Cytometry
Becton Dickinson FACSAriaIIIu cell sorter with four laser lines (407, 488, 561,633nm) capable of fourteen color fluorescence acquisition and four-way sterile sorting for bulk collection of purified cell populations or single cell deposition for subcloning.

Image Cytometry
Perkin Elmer LCI confocal microscope with three laser lines (488, 567, 633nm) on a fluorescent inverted microscope and an environmental chamber for live cell imaging.

Automated Cell Separator
StemCell Technologies RoboSep automates column-free immunomagnetic cell separation by either positive or negative selection.


  • Cytometric Bead Array
    • Can measure 6 different cytokines in a small sample
    • Quantitative with large dynamic range
    • Available Kits
  • Human Th1 and Th2 (IL-2, IL-4, IL-5, TNFa, IFNg, IL-10)
  • Complement (C3a, C4a, C5a)
  • Chemokines (IL-8, RANTES, MIG, MCP-1, IP-10)
  • Caspase 3 kit
  • Biochemical Analysis of Signaling Pathways.
  • Cell Death Analysis

Fees & Scheduling

  • Cell sorting $100/hr + ½ hr setup fee
  • Acquisition (no sorting) $80/hr
  • Consultation for experimental design and troubleshooting is free.
  • Call Louise Barnett to reserve instrument time at 343-5929 or

Data Analysis

  • PC (2 computers) with FACSDiva software
  • iMac with FlowJo & Spice software

The computers are outside the BSL3 for post acquisition analysis. Initial training on use of the software is free of charge. The Core archives data but researchers should also keep a copy of their data.


Flow cytometry was performed at the Vanderbilt-Meharry Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) Immunopathogenesis Core, an NIH-funded program (P30 AI54999).

Please send the core a hard copy or PDF of your publication utilizing the core for our records.

Please contact Dr. Spyros Kalams to find out more.

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