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Genomics Core

The Vanderbilt-Meharry CFAR Genomics Core is a blend of many existing cores and resources at Vanderbilt.
The goal of this core is to optimize genomics discovery in HIV/AIDS. A major aspect will entail leveraging VANTAGE for AIDS-related research, especially for CFAR investigators.

The GC will provide a one-stop resource to access all available, state-of-the-art genomics technology at Vanderbilt. This encompasses nuclear and mitochondrial genomics, the viral genome and other relevant pathogens. This also encompasses technologies that span next- gen sequencing, epigenomics and gene expression.

This core will offer unique access to a concierge service for planning, executing and analyzing genomic studies, and will proactively engage CFAR investigators and trainees to leverage Vanderbilt’s genomics resources for their studies and break new ground in HIV-related genomics.

This core will also direct and support the development of specific HIV-related genomic assays and tools, making them widely available to HIV investigators. The core is planned to provide the infrastructure necessary to carry out state-of-the-art research. It will also ensure that users have defined the best research questions, developed the best study designs and provided the most through interpretations of the resulting data.

The primary role of the core for advanced users will be introducing them to new technologies and helping them see how these new resources can extend their current genomic projects. For novice users, the GC will provide an introduction to genomics with more direct guidance in study design and implementation.

Jonathan Haines, Ph.D.




Core Manager
Holli Hutcheson-Dilks, Ph.D.




Working Group Contact
Todd Hulgan, M.D., MPH




Dept. of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases
Vanderbilt-Meharry Center for AIDS Research
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
A2200 Medical Center North
Nashville, TN 37232-2582
(615) 322-7880

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