Cooperative Human Tissue Network, Western Division at Vanderbilt University Medical Center

CHTN Western Division

 The Cooperative Human Tissue Network - Western Division at Vanderbilt University Medical Center is one of six institutions throughout the country funded by the National Cancer Institutes to procure and distribute remnant human tissues to biomedical researchers throughout the United States and Canada.

CHTN operates through a shared networking system which allows investigators greater access to available research specimens.  CHTN offers a variety of preparation and preservation techniques to ensure investigators are receiving the quality specimens needed for research.  Remnant tissues are obtained from surgical resections and autopsies and are procured to the specifications of the investigator.

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CHTN Western bill to address:

CHTN Western at Vanderbilt University Medical Center
1161 21st Avenue South
4920 The Vanderbilt Clinic
Nashville, TN 37232


Map of the USA with the breakdown of areas each Division serves