Cooperative Human Tissue Network - Western Division at Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Prospective CHTN Investigator

If you are interested in obtaining human tissue samples from the CHTN, please follow the provided directions below. You will provide a brief description of the type of tissues of interest in the description box and a CHTN representative will contact you to discuss your research needs.

Please follow the link www.chtn.org/ to the international CHTN website, click on the "Contact Us" tab, then the "New to the CHTN" tab in the top left square, and fill out the form.

Processing Fees

Since the CHTN is an NCI supported resource, investigators are only charged a LOW processing fee for each sample to offset the costs of collecting, handling and preparing the specimens in accordance with the detailed requirements of the investigator. A sample is defined as one processed piece of a specimen, regardless of the sample size or type of processing. Each investigator is also responsible for all shipping costs.

The processing fees are as follows:

  • $50.00 processing fee/sample for investigators located at ACADEMIC sites
  • $150.00 processing fee/sample for investigators located at COMMERCIAL organizations

Additional services can be provided to investigators upon request. These fees are applicable to both academic and commercial investigators.

Investigators may request chart reviews for a minimal fee.

Shipping charges are the responsibility of the investigator and are determined by the courier utilized. This charge will vary according to the weight and priority status of the shipment.

H&E slide $7.00
Unstained slide $5.00
Stained slide from frozen section $7.00
First cut, unstained slide from frozen section $6.00
Each additional cut from frozen section $4.00
50 micron section $8.50
5-cut ribbon (of routine thickness) $8.00
Touch preps $4.50
RNA Quality Check (per sample) $100.00
Frozen tissue macrodissection $40.00
DNA isolation $35.00
RNA isolation $65.00