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The Cochlear Implant Research Laboratory at Vanderbilt focuses on speech perception, speech and language function, and basic auditory function as associated with the combination of electric and acoustic hearing—particularly with respect to preservation of acoustic hearing in the implanted ear.  Additional interests currently under investigation in the lab include binaural hearing with bilateral cochlear implants and/or hearing preservation, image-guided programming for cochlear implants, and pre-implant prediction of postoperative outcomes.



There are many opportunities for research participation in any of our ongoing studies. For additional  additional information about any of the ongoing projects, please click on the links below.

Communication outcomes for adults and children with bimodal hearing, bilateral cochlear implants, and hearing preservation in the implanted ear(s)



  • Pre-implant predictors of postoperative outcomes in adults and children 

REDCap Survey of CI Audiologists in the United States


CI Audiologist Survey: April 2014

On April 28, 2014, the CI Lab Director, Dr. René H. Gifford and Dr. Michael Dorman--of Arizona State University--sent out an online survey invitation to 185 audiologists' email addresses associated with CI clinics in the United States as listed on the 3 FDA approved CI manufacturer's websites.  Of the 185 survey email invitations, 32 were immediately returned as undeliverable due to incorrect or defunct email addresses; thus the survey was successfully delivered to 153 CI audiologists.  We received 45 responses to the survey for an overall response rate of 29.2%.

The survey questions referenced the following hypothetical graph.  For access to the full survey text and the graphical results, please here click here. 


"Cochlear Implant Patient Assessment: Evaluation of Candidacy, Performance, and Outcomes" by Rene H. Gifford, PhD

Cochlear Implant Patient Assessment by René H. Gifford, PhD

Lab Personnel:

Lab Manager and Research Audiologist:  Linsey Sunderhaus, Au.D.
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