Community Health Emphasis Program


Application Information

Application deadline: 3/15/2003

Please return to Barbara Clinton, barbara.clinton@vanderbilt.edu

Program dates:  May 26-July 25, 2003

Stipend: $3000

The Community Scholar program engages first year medical students in the design, implementation, and study of programs to meet community health needs.  The program promotes service, scholarship, leadership, and professionalism in medical students through hands on community service research projects.

Each student engages in 10 weeks of full time work on a given project.  Students may continue the work for elective credit in the second year of medical school.

As Community Scholars, students may:

  • Design or participate in a strategy to address a community health need
  • Implement the project
  • Study effectiveness of their work
  • Write a grant proposal to support the project
  • Write a manuscript for publication and/or submit the results of the project for presentation at a medical meeting
  • Be part of several one-day service projects
Typical student work plan (approximate by week)
  • Research and understand the topic; understand point of view of community, faculty, and funders; identify the community constituency
  • Define a project plan and timeline
  • Obtain feedback on project plan from community and faculty mentors and others
  • Plan the project evaluation, obtain feedback on plan
  • Revise project plan and evaluation tool
  • Field test evaluation tool and project plan
  • Learn about fund raising/grant writing
  • Prepare final reports, written and oral
  • Plan manuscript or publication strategy

Community Scholars Application

Name __________________________________________________

Address ________________________________________________

Telephone ______________________________________________

Email __________________________________________________

Please describe two community health or community service projects that you were involved in.  What was your role?  Were they effective?  What did you learn from the experience?



What attracts you to the Community Scholar Program?



Please provide the names, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses of two references (not related) who are familiar with your work and character.




Please include a copy of your resume with your application.

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