Community Health Emphasis Program

Calling for Community Partnerships

Do you have a project that you desperately need to undertake
but don’t have the resources OR staff to do it?

Is your agency stretched to its limit?
Are your staff members overworked?

Vanderbilt Medical School’s Emphasis Program may be able to help….

Through the Community Health Initiative and Health Outreach Emphasis Program, first and second year medical students will work with community agencies and faculty mentors to design, study and/or implement strategies to address agency identified community needs.

Benefits to Community Partners:

  • Partner agencies define final products
  • Students will develop a relationship with the agency over an 18-month period, including an eight week full-time involvement in summer internship.
  • Student assistance is provided free to community agencies
  • Projects may be cumulative, receiving support from several teams of students over a longer time period
  • Vanderbilt will provide a student summer stipend. 

Responsibilities of Community Partners:

  • Identify agency need and design project in collaboration with students and faculty mentor
  • Meet regularly with students and faculty mentor
  • Provide orientation to agency mission, history, and operation, offer agency resources
  • Assist in evaluating student progress.

Working with your agency on an in-depth project, students will:

  • Receive academic credit
  • Learn first hand how non-profits address community health issues
  • Work with partner and faculty mentor to develop skills in community leadership and scholarship
  • Recognize unmet community health needs
  • Develop skills and strategies that motivate patients to practice positive health behaviors
  • Learn to diagnose community health care needs and develop plans to meet those needs. 

Contact:    Barbie Chadwick, Program Development Consultant barbiec@bellsouth.net  or
                Barbara Clinton, Director, Center for Health Services 

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