Community Health Emphasis Program

Emphasis Projects


Heather Burks

Davidson County Sheriff's Office 

A study of female offenders with mental illness to determine the impact of changes in drug formularies on health and behavior, as offenders move through the criminal justice system

Dana Guyer

Student Run Free Clinic 

Development and field test of health education strategies to be used in a free clinic run by students 

Connie Ritchey

Metro Public Health Department 

Evaluation of the effectiveness of faith-based community lay health workers and trainers in addressing infant mortality 

Elizabeth Bleecker

Metro Public Health Department

Study to determine why women at risk for poor birth outcomes do not fully utilize available health services in community or public health department 

Sarah Creighton Greene

Metro Public Health Deparment

Determination of barriers that keep Hispanic women from securing a complete series of immunizations for their children 

Yaa Kumah

Oasis Center Transitional Living Facility

Focus groups and research with teens in transition to develop health strategies that will improve the health of teens in crisis 

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