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Select Recent Publications

Fan, W., Ellacott, K.L.J., Halatchev, I., Takahashi, K. Yu, P., and Cone, R.D. Cholecystokinin-mediated suppression of feeding involves the brainstem melanocortin system. Nat. Neuroscience 7, 335-336, 2004.
Halatchev, I.G., Ellacott, K.L., Fan, W., and Cone, R.D. Peptide YY3-36 inhibits food intake in mice through a melanocortin-4 receptor independent mechanism. Endocrinol. 145, 2585-2590, 2004.
Fekete, C., Marks, D.L., Sarkar, S., Emerson, C.H., Rand, W.M., Cone, R.D., and Lechan, R.M. Effect of agouti-related protein (AGRP) in regulation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid axis in the MC4-R KO mouse. Endocrinol. 145, 4816-4821, 2004.
Takahashi, K.A. and Cone, R.D. Fasting induces a large, leptin-dependent increase in the
intrinsic action potential frequency of orexigenic arcuate nucleus NPY/AgRP neurons. Endocrinol. 146, 1043-1047, 2005.
Cheung, W., Yu, P.X., Cone, R.D., Marks, D.L., and Mak, R.H. Role of leptin and melanocortin signaling in uremia-associated cachexia. J. Clin. Invest. 115, 1659-1665, 2005.
Halatchev, I.G., and Cone, R.D. Peripheral administration of PYY3-36 produces conditioned taste aversion in mice. Cell Metab. 1, 159-168, 2005.
Ghamari-Langroudi, M., Colmers, W.F., and Cone R.D. PYY3-36 inhibits the firing activity of POMC neurons of arcuate nucleus through post-synaptic Y2 receptors. Cell Metab., 2, 191-199, 2005.
Ellacott, K.L.J., Halatchev, I.G., Cone, R.D. Characterization of leptin-responsive neurons in the caudal brainstem. Endocrinol. 147, 3190-3195, 2006.
Voss-Andreae, A., Murphy, J.G., Ellacott, K.L.J., Stuart, R.C., Nillni, E.A., Cone, R.D., and Fan, W. Role of the Central Melanocortin Circuitry in Adaptive Thermogenesis of Brown Adipose Tissue. Endocrinol. 2007, 148, 1550-1560.
Ni, X.P., Butler, A.A., Cone, R.D., and Humphreys, M.H. Central receptors mediating the cardiovascular actions of melanocyte stimulating hormones. J. Hypertens. 24, 2239-2246, 2006.
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Ellacott, K.L., Murphy, J.G., Marks, D.L., and Cone, R.D. Obesity-induced inflammation in white adipose tissue is attenuated by loss of melanocortin-3 receptor signaling. Endocrinology 148, 6186-6194, 2007
Sutton, G.M., Perez-Tilve, D., Nogueiras, R., Fang, J., Kim, J.K., Cone, R.D., Gimble, J.M., Tschöp, M.H.,and  Butler AA. The melanocortin-3 receptor is required for entrainment to meal intake. J. Neurosci. 28, 12946-12955, 2008.
Gruber, K.A., Fan, W., Akerberg, H., Larhammar, D., Chee, M.J.S., Colmers, W.F., Cone, R.D. Neuropeptide Y and Gamma-Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone (γ-MSH) Share a Common Pressor Mechanism of Action. Endocrine 35, 312-324, 2009.
Date, Y, Mondal, M.S., Kageyama, H., Ghamari-Langroudi, M., Takenoya, F., Yamaguchi, H., Shimomura, Y., Mori, M., Murakami, N., Shioda, S., Cone, R.D., and Nakazato, M. NPW: an anorectic peptide regulated by leptin and metabolic state. Endocrinology 151, 2200-2010, 2010.


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