Nursing Continuing Education/Contact Hour Process

Roles and Responsibilities

Designated Planning Committee Contact Person

The Designated Planning Committee Contact Person is the individual who submitted the Contact Hour Request Form and is responsible for:
      • must be a consistent point person for entirety of the program who has knowledge of the CNE event
      • collects bio forms/education design forms from presenters and planning committee members
      • creates CNE specific agenda (required if event is >2hrs in length)
      • will notify Nurse Planner of any changes in planning committee members
      • ensures participant awareness of evaluation closure date

1. Event Details

     •  Location
     •  Creation of Advertising
     •  Catering (if applicable)

2. Staffing the event

     •  Registration and Sign-in. 
     •  Providing a copy of the disclosure form with evaluation/certificate instructions to participants    
        prior to event start time.

3. Printing Materials
     •  Agenda
     •  Disclosure
     •  Roster

4. Following up with Evaluation Results and Comments

The Designated Nurse Planner

The Nurse Planner is responsible for:

1. Attending planning meetings for event

     •  If cannot attend, must be included in the emails

2. Confirming verbiage

     •  Approval of Advertising
     •  Contact Hour related handouts

3. Monitoring document completion

     •  Planning Form
     •  Biographical data forms
     •  Educational design form
     •  Disclosure

4. Electronic Evaluation 
     • Evaluation Summary
     • Copy of Scanned roster

The Provider Unit

Nursing Education and Professional Development is responsible for:

  • Determination of educational objectives and content
  • Evaluation methods and categories
  • Record keeping procedures
  • Management of any commercial support
  • Must notify TNA in writing, within seven business days and changes within the provider unit


If you have additional questions or concerns, email: contact.hours@vanderbilt.edu