Nursing Continuing Education/Contact Hour Process


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How are contact hours calculated?  
Number of Minutes divided by 60 = Number of Contact Hours

Is there a certain length of time that programs have to be?
Program length cannot be less than 60 minutes 

How do I get contact hours for an event?
A nurse planner from the provider unit (Department of Nursing Education and Professional Development – NEPD) is required to be involved with all aspects of the planning of a program.

Who needs to be on a planning committee?
There needs to be a nurse planner from the provider unit (NEPD) and a content expert.  You must have at least 2 people on the committee.

Can I submit forms for a program and get contact hours?
No.  A nurse planner from the provider unit (NEPD) is required to be involved with the planning of the program.

How many objectives should I have?
There should be at least one objective, but depending on the length of the program and number of speakers.  There should be one objective per speaker.

Can we get contact hours for in-services on new equipment?
No.  Please review the criteria for a continuing nursing education program here.

Do I need to keep copies of rosters, evaluations, etc?
Individual areas are not required to keep any of the completed forms.  The provider unit is required to keep all the forms of every program for 6 years.

How can nurses use Continuing Medical Education (CME)?
Continuing education is a vital component to the nursing profession.  Formal documentation of continuing education is attainable by attending an event with one of the following:
- Contact Hours or Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) – certificate available upon program evaluation 
- Continuing Medical Education (CME) attendance – printable transcript available on the CME website 
- Check with your credentialing body for specific requirements for maintaining licensure or certification.

For more information, visit the Tennessee Nurses Association website