Nursing Continuing Education/Contact Hour Process

Nurse Planner and Planning Committee Roles & Responsibilities

Designated Nurse Planner Role

Attending planning meetings for event
     •  If cannot attend, must be included in the emails

Confirming verbiage
     •  Advertising
     •  Contact Hour related handouts

Monitoring document completion
     •  Planning Form
     •  Biographical data forms
     •  Educational design form
     •  Disclosure

Electronic Evaluation 
     • Evaluation Summary
     • Copy of Scanned roster

Designated Planning Committee Contact Person Roles:
      • must be a consistent point person for entirety of the program who has knowledge of the CNE event
      • collects bio forms/education design forms from presenters and planning committee members
      • creates CNE specific agenda (required if event is >2hrs in length)
      • will notify Nurse Planner of any changes in planning committee members
      • ensures participant awareness of evaluation closure date

Event Details
     •  Location
     •  Creating Flyer
     •  Catering

Staffing the event
     •  Registration and Sign-in. 
     •  Providing a copy of the disclosure form with evaluation/certificate instructions to participants    
        prior to event start time.

Printing Materials
     •  Agenda
     •  Disclosure
     •  Roster

Following up with Evaluation Results and Comments

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